Okumura has a history of over 120 years. It started in Asakusa, Tokyo when the founder Kinjiro Okumura produced and sold slippers for indoor use. Slippers are the symbols of Japan’s cultural sense of cleanliness as they help us to prevent viruses from entering rooms. They also have the role of reducing the burden on our flooring materials and making our houses last longer. Above all, they support us in a variety of ways, no matter what kind of lifestyle we lead. As a long-established manufacturer of slippers, Okumura’s mission is to use our products to help communicate Japan’s cultural history to future generations.


We wish to deliver a richer lifestyle through slippers. We pride ourselves on crafting products that meet changes in people's lives and their needs. As part of this approach, Okumura is actively promoting the following three initiatives.

Life with

Relax and Refresh
リラックス&リフレッシュLong-selling products such as our “refre” and “with” slippers closely fit the sole of your feet and softly stimulate various reflexology points. Each slipper will gently wrap your tired feet.
Body Balance
ボディバランスOur "3D Comfort" line has a special structure to correct your walking posture. By straightening your back naturally, you can tighten your posture and even increase your work productivity.

Health and Beauty
ヘルス&ビューティThe "with" series features a raised heel with a special dent that fits the sole of the foot perfectly, tightening your muscles and creating an elegant step. These slippers will help you achieve your best style.
Clean Life
クリーンライフOur various slippers are equipped with strong deodorant technology and our "Foot Fresh" function that removes the components of foot odor using a fiber sheet with hygroscopic power, making them highly appreciated in public spaces such as offices.
Life Support
ライフサポートWe have multi-functional slippers to match your daily life, such as our "water pass" series which is perfect for working in the bathroom or the balcony, or the “ecru” line which allows air to pass thorough easily.


Production and sale of slippers
Production and sale of interior goods and accessories
Sale of sandal products

Main products
Slippers and living interior goods
Interior goods (cushions, mats, accessories)

Main markets
Major mass merchandisers, mail order companies,
nationwide co-ops, large specialty stores, department stores

4th Floor, Okumura 2nd Building, 1-7-17,
Nipponbashihigashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka,
556-0006, Japan
TEL. 06-6641-3526 FAX. 06-6633-7401
E-mail: info@okumura-int.co.jp

Kanto Branch Office
9th Floor, Fashion Face Building, 2-3-3,
Nihonbashibakurocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo,
103-0002, Japan
TEL. 03-5623-3803 FAX. 03-3663-3820
E-mail: kanto@okumura-int.co.jp